Where do you source your horn?

The black buffalo horn, as well as the cow's hoof, come from Vietnam. The blond and marbled horn come from African Zebus (from northern Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad).

Are zebus and buffaloes bred for their horn?

No, normally the horns are discarded. In fact, we reclaim the horns for a better use and recycle them versus destroying them. It is a valorization of materials from the process of domestic cattle.    

How do you choose the materials?

We prefer natural materials from Vietnam. Although our jewelry parts and accessories, which are normally made from metal, come from Japan, Italy, Germany and Ireland.

Where do you produce your collections?

Only in Vietnam, mainly in villages in Northern Vietnam, around Hanoï, but also in villages around Saïgon.

How do you choose the artisans you work with?

We make our choice according to their know-how and skill levels. Charles spends several months of the year in Vietnam and goes regularly to meet with them. We wish to continue to develop a long term relationship with our artisans. 

How do you make sure that there is no forced child labor?

We regularly go to the workshops, and in addition, our partners sign a commitment charter ensuring that there is no forced or illegal child labor in their workshops.  

How do you make sure that the artisans are well paid?

While being a small company, we try to have fair financial conditions with our artisans, and we align ourselves with the prices asked by the suppliers like paying in advance the cost of raw materials supply.   

Specifically, what do you do to minimize your impact on the planet?

We develop packaging made of 100% natural textile, and our communications and marketing are printed on recyclable paper. We also actively recycle at all of our locations, and try to ban plastics as much as possible.    

What are your challenges for the future?

We would like to reduce the carbon footprint when shipping and transporting our products.

What is your policy regarding promotions and seasonal sales?

Seasonal sales and promotions are not something that we normally do. We will do some sales on an occasional basis to meet a specific need, as long as they are not to the detriment of artisans.

Do your products last over time?

Our products are created to last over a lifetime, and they often become heirlooms for future generations.

What are your production volumes?

We produce between 50 and 200 pieces per model per year.

What is the lifespan of a collection?

We want our collections to be timeless, so we carry them over several years.

How does your activity contribute to the development of Vietnam?

With our office in Hanoi, we are working on a mutual development system between France and Vietnam. We contribute to support, maintain and enhance the value of our local craftsmanship.